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Perforated Metal Sheets

Description: The perforated metal sheet uses stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate, and other metal plates as raw materials. It is a wire mesh product that undergoes die stamping by the CNC punch.
Material: Stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, hot and cold steel plate, aluminum plate, Al-Mg alloy plate, copper plate, nickel plate, PVC membrane sheet, plastic board.
Process: Stamping through CNC punch press.
Specifications: Roll sheet 1x20m, flat sheet 1x2m.
Category: Patterned perforated mesh, formed perforated mesh, extra-thick perforated mesh, extra-thin perforated mesh, microvoid perforated mesh, line cut perforated mesh, laser perforated metal mesh.
Hole: Rectangular, square, diamond, round, oblong, hexagon, cross, triangle, plum blossom, scale, herringbone, pentagram, irregular, bulge, louver, etc.
Features: Our perforated metal sheets come with smooth and nice appearance, firm structure, high precision, small error, good quality, wide use, etc.
Packing: The metal mesh comes in sheets or rolls. Rolls are packed with moisture-proof paper, woven bags and wooden boxes, while sheets are packed with wood pallets.

Product functions and applications
1. Our perforated metal sheets can be used as environmentally friendly sound barriers in highway, railway, subway and other transportation and municipal facilities.
2. The metal mesh can be used as acoustic panels in generator rooms, factory premises and other noise sources.
3. It can be used in the electronics industry, working as dust cover, noise enclosure, and heat shield for speakers, and other electronic parts.
4. It is utilized as the sound-absorbing material in ceiling or wall of a building.
5. It is used as a decorative sheet in stairs, balconies, as well as environmental tables and chairs.
6. It can be used as stainless steel fruit basket, food cover, fruit tray and other kitchen utensils.
7. It finds use in sieve plate and machinery guard.
8. It can be used for screening in food, feed, mine and other fields.
9. It can be found in merchandise shelves and decorative exhibition stands.
10. It can be used for filtration in soccer field lawn.

Note: OEM service is available in our company. We can process and produce according to customer drawings. In addition, we can also design and manufacture according to customer's uses and requirements. All kinds of perforated metals can be offered.

As an experienced perforated metal sheets manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a wide range of products that includes stainless steel wire, expanded metal mesh, welded mesh panel, hexagonal wire mesh, and more.

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