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Welded Mesh Panel

1. Description: The mesh panel is welded using high quality Q195 low carbon steel wire, and then goes through cold or electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, PVC plastic covering and other surface treatment. With various features, this net product has been used in construction floor heating, and other fields. It has now been widely used in many areas across the world.
2. Material: Low carbon steel wire, electro galvanized wire, electro-galvanized redrawing wire, stainless steel wire
3. Types:
(1) According to different materials, the product can be classified into stainless steel wire, iron wire, and other types.
(2) According to different surface treatment, the welded mesh panel can be divided into hot dip galvanized, electro galvanized, plastic dipped, copper plated, chrome plated types, etc.
(3) According to different uses, it falls into architectural, decorative, fence, griddle and other types.
4. Features: The product comes with firm welding, uniform opening, flat surface, corrosion resistance, high strength, good stability, strong protection ability, good machining performance, and more.
5. Uses:
The plastic dipped welded wire mesh used in the construction industry is available in dark green, grass green, yellow, white, blue, and other colors.
The powder sprayed building welded wire mesh can be colored in dark green, grass green, yellow, white, blue, and so on.
The galvanized construction welded mesh panel can be divided into electro-galvanized and hot dip galvanized types.
The black wire construction welded wire mesh is suitable for large building, small building, shaped building, inclined building, and so on.
The decorative architectural welded wire mesh is divided into wall hanging net, greenhouse seedbed net, color building mesh, ceiling mesh, etc.

Our company is an experienced welded mesh panel manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as welded wire mesh fence, perforated metal sheets, gabion box / Reno mattress / stone cage netting, and iron wire.

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