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Welded Wire Mesh Fence

1. Product Introduction
(1) Description: The welded wire mesh fence is manufactured by the welded wire mesh machine through multi-step processing. The iron wire, cold or hot-dip galvanized iron wire is welded, and then bended, plastic sprayed or PVC coated, etc. The product features corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, effective protection, and so on. It is produced in China's largest fence production base-Hebei Anping.
(2) Material: Low carbon cold drawn steel wire, magnesium-aluminum alloy wire, etc.
(3) Process: Welding, plastic spraying, galvanizing, plastic dipping.
(4) Characteristics:
The product is firm and durable, and is not easy to fade.
It comes with concise grid structure, beautiful and practical.
It is easy to transport, and can be installed without restrictions on the undulating terrain.
It is highly adaptive especially for the mountains, slopes, and curve roads.
This low and moderately priced product is suitable for large-scale use.
(5) Applications: The welded wire mesh fence can be found in highways, railways, bridges, walls, zoos, shopping malls, stores, and national departments.

2. Product Classification
(1) By purpose: Railway fence, highway fence, bridge fence, stadium fence, airport fence, municipal fence, factory fence, residential area fence.
(2) By shape types: Framework fence, triangular bending fence, bilateral wire fence, single and double ring fence, wavy fence, plastic dip fence, trident fence, and so on.
(3) By production characteristics: welded wire mesh fence, chain link fence.

Fence panel
1. Material: Low carbon cold drawn steel wire, galvanized redrawing wire, etc.
2. Specifications: Wire diameter 1mm-6mm.
3. Features: Anti-corrosion (electroplate, hot dip, plastic spray, plastic dip), anti-aging, sunscreen, heat-resisting, etc.

Fence Post
1. Description: The guardrail post is a widely used in mountains, roads, cities, residential areas and other places. It is an important component of the fence protection system.
2. Material: Low carbon steel wire, square steel, round steel, angle steel, etc.
3. Surface treatment: Electroplating, hot dip, PVC coating after welding.
4. Cross section: Square, circular, rectangular, triangular, polygonal, and semicircular shapes.
5. Features: The product is novel and practical, beautiful and strong. It also features simple structure, , high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low cost, easy construction, etc.
6. Purposes: The fence post is used to support and reinforce the fence.

Fence Production
1. The production of fence includes framework production, panel production, assembly welding, plastic dipping, etc.
2. The fence panel is produced utilizing a series of welding machines.

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