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Drawn Wire

1. Description: The drawn wire refers to a wire drawn after galvanized (hot dip or electroplating).
Production process of general galvanized wire: Rod → large pull → annealing → medium pull → annealing → galvanized.
Production process of drawn wire: Rod → large pull → annealing → galvanized → medium pull.
As can be seen from the comparison above, this product requires only one time annealing in the production process, thus ensuring better hardness. Although its corrosion resistance is not as good as galvanized wire, its price is lower.
2. Category: Electro-galvanized and hot dip galvanized types.
Material: Electro galvanized wire, hot galvanized wire made from high quality low carbon steel.
3. Features: The drawn wire features good hardness, strong toughness, bending resistance, smooth and bright surface, as well as a strong tensile strength of 30-55kg / square millimeter.
4. Uses: It is mainly used to make hangers, nails (staples, box nails, insulation nail), communications equipment, medical equipment, woven mesh, brushes, high pressure pipe, tie wire, wire rope, handicrafts, etc.

Technical Specifications
Serial Number SIZE Diameter(mm) Standard Bundle Weight (Kg)
1 8# 4.0 50
2 10# 3.5 50
3 12# 2.8 50
4 14# 2.2 50
5 16# 1.6 50.25
6 18# 1.2 25
7 20# 0.9 25
8 22# 0.7 10-25

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