1. Annealed Iron WireDescription: The black annealed wire is a product made from cold-drawn steel wire or iron wire after high-temperature annealing. In order to prevent rust, the wire surface is coated with a layer of lubricant.
      Material: Cold drawn steel wire, low carbon steel wire (iron wire).
      Specifications: Common wire diameter 0.7mm-5.5mm.
    1. Bright Iron WireProcess: It is processed on the basis of cold drawn wire, and then goes through high-pressure firing, and is finally formed through drawing.
      Features: The iron bright wire features good brightness and is not easy to rust.
      Uses: The product is idea for a variety of barbed wire, welded wire mesh, nail, and steel fiber manufacturers.
    1. Galvanized Iron WireDescription: The galvanized iron wire is made from annealed wire after galvanizing.
      Material: Annealed wire made from high quality low carbon steel wire rod after draw forming, high temperature annealing, and other processes.
      Specifications: Common wire gauge 22 # -8 #, that is 0.71mm-4.06mm.
    1. Drawn WireFeatures: The drawn wire features good hardness, strong toughness, bending resistance, smooth and bright surface, as well as a strong tensile strength of 30-55kg / square millimeter.
      Uses: It is mainly used to make hangers, nails (staples, box nails, insulation nail), communications equipment, medical equipment, woven mesh, brushes, high pressure pipe, tie wire, wire rope, handicrafts, etc.

Iron Wire

1. Byname: Low carbon steel wire
2. Composition: Iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc and other elements.
3. Process: Roll the hot metal billet into a 6.5mm rod, and then put it into the drawing device to pull into wire of different diameter, while gradually narrow the aperture of draw plate. After cooling, annealing, plastic spraying and other processing, the iron wire of different specifications can be made.
4. Type: The product is divided into plastic coated or covered wire, tie wire, U type wire, cut wire, straight wire.
5. Uses: Due to wide varieties and better flexibility than steel wire, the iron wire is mainly used for black wire cloth weaving and used as annealed wire and binding wire in the construction industry.

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