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Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh for GRC Products

The GRC products reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric uses glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, and undergoes alkali-resistant polymer emulsion processing. The product achieves high strength, and persistent resistance to alkaline substances. The fiberglass mesh fabric is an ideal reinforced material for cement concrete products, GRC wall panels, and GRC components.

General Specifications
1. Mesh size: 8mm × 8mm 10mm × 10mm 12mm × 12mm
2. Width: 60 cm, 90 cm and 1 meter
3. Weight: 125 g/m2
4. Length per roll: 100 m or 50 m
5. Color: White (standard), yellow, green or other colors.
6. Packaging: According to customer requirements.
7. Special specifications and softness can customized.

Technical Parameters
Mesh(mm) Weight(g/m2) Width(m) Length(m)
8x8 125 0.6, 0.9, 1 50 or 100

Our company is an experienced GRC products reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from fiberglass mesh fabric, we also offer gabion mesh, perforated metals, expanded metals, metal wire, and much more.

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