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Fencing and Security Products

Fencing security products are designed for a variety of applications from perimeter demarcation to the highest level of security. Our products are suitable for many industries and can be tailored upon request. We can meet different requirements such as replacing an existing fence or looking for a brand new one.

Features / Benefits
1. The expanded metal mesh is difficult to penetrate and climb.
2. It is more pleasing to the eye than palisade or chain link.
3. The fencing security product is strong and durable.
4. It comes with excellent sight penetration and easy installation.
5. It is competitively priced.
6. It can be galvanized with the option of polyester powder coating.

General Fencing – Industrial / Commercial / Retail / Hospitals / Car Parks
Educational Premises – Schools
Rail Industry – Trackside / Level Crossings / Depots / Bridges / Stations
Utilities – Water Treatment Works / Sewage Treatment Works / Reservoirs / Pumping Stations/ Substation Security / Telecommunication Compounds
High Security – Airports / Ports / Prisons / High Security Establishments, Institutions

Associated Products
Cages – Enclosures – Security Toppings – Gates

Related Names
Primary Protective Steel Screen | Super Security Wire Netting | Metal Gauze for Railway | Protection Metal Mesh for Channel Industry

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