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Security Lath

Security lath is known as the invisible deterrent and burglar beater. Our company can produce a range of reinforced metal security meshes, which can prevent illegal criminal access through partitions, walls and roofs.

We have specifically developed a special mesh that incorporates premium security with architectural design considerations. It is easy to incorporate into your building, whether it is retro fit or new build. It is wise to use this expanded metal as a standard preventative measure in various places requiring security protection.

1. The product provides immediate protection against illegal entry.
2. It forms a discreet, invisible and potent line of defense.
3. Once installed, it can increase the level of security immediately.
4. It achieves high performance price ratio.
5. Due to decreased risk of entry, insurance premiums could be reduced.
6. As a stock item, security lath normally arrives at the scene the next day.
7. Site visits can help customers choose the right product.
8. Cut to size service is available.

1. Security lath can be easily fixed to brickwork, block work, stud partitioning, ceiling joists and roofs in metal and timber. It can be installed to internal or external walls, ceilings, and roofs at the time of construction or can be retrofitted during refurbishment.
2. It is the first choice for architects, consultants, loss adjusters and end users of various industries.
3. Our product is recommended as standard in high security environments.
4. Our brochure gives technical advice showing a range of weight options for roofs, walls and partitions. You can also obtain more advice from our sales team.

Cash handling store Control rooms
Computer rooms Remote facility security
Wholesale and retail outlets Petrol station kiosks
High value goods stores Secure units
Pharmaceutical stores Financial buildings

Technical Details
Available in three different types, security lath can meet your different requirements.
HD1 is a heavy weight option for security in walls, partitions and ceilings.
MD1 offers a lighter weight option for security in walls, partitions, roofs and ceilings.
HDR is used for internal / external brick or block work walls. A raised mesh, HDR is an excellent key for plaster / render finishes.

Associated Products
We also offer other physical security products to protect commercial property. High quality fencing systems, anti-vandal metal toppings, enclosures, security cages and window guards can all be purchased from our company.

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Safety Metal Mesh for Cash Handling Store | Security Wire Netting for Control Room | Financial Building Metal Gauze | Secure Unit Metal Mesh

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