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Our heavy duty walkways are proven to be effective and perfect in various industries. They are regarded as reliable products that can ensure safety at height and in hazardous conditions, and can meet the highest security requirements.

This product is very suitable for slopes, where it's natural drainage and weatherproof properties are perfectly combined with a sure grip. When used for ramps, it offers excellent traction for wheelchairs and provides easy access for the disabled. In addition, the solid appearance of the walkway provides an excellent aesthetic option for designers and architects.

1. It offers economical solution for various applications.
2. It has good load bearing capacity after strict test and measurement.
3. There are 16 standard products for option.
4. A new product is added with anti slip protection.
5. It is available in HSG, red oxide, epoxy coated, or painted finishes.
6. It can be fabricated into framed panels for easy access.
7. It can be used for wheelchair ramps.
8. Framed or unframed walkway is available.
9. Welding, joining or clipping of the sheets on site is optional.
10. It has a variety of flexible packing methods that can meet different needs of customers.
11. Plasma cutting service helps to achieve efficient and accurate shaping.
12. It offers safety, as the mesh allows water flow to pass through freely.
13. Snow, ice and mud can fall from the feet to keep walking safety.

1. Quality Management: BS EN / ISO 9002:1994
2. Environmental Management: BS EN ISO 14001:1996
3. The product allows light to be passed through to create an aesthetic effect.
4. Our technical sales can provide technical advices.
5. Standard stair treads or customized products are available.
6. All textured meshes are raised to give a firm grip.

Access walkways - Bridges, Leisure Centre, Industrial areas. Fire Escapes
Gantry platforms in Stadiums, Container Ports, Security Areas. Wheelchair Ramps
Marine Applications. i.e. marina pontoons Gratings
High security compound fencing Quarry walkways
Car Transporter ramps Lorry rear guards

Technical Details
Material options: Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel.
The product is manufactured from 4.70mm and 6.30mm steel plate.
Material thickness: 12.70mm to 22.20mm
Please contact sales to discuss your project requirements.

Related Names
Metal Mesh for Bridge | Fire Escape Metal Gauze | Wire Netting for Car Transporter Ramp | Grating Steel Screen

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