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Metal Lath

The expanded metal lath provides a secure key for plasters, renders or other finishing materials when applied on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber framed buildings. It is manufactured from galvanized and stainless steel, and can be used for internal and external applications.

Apart from being used on flat surfaces, the product can be also used on curved or domed surfaces. In order to apply fire protection coating to structural steelwork, it can quickly, simply and economically form a key background around the steel to which the fire protection coating can then be applied.

1. The expanded metal lath has high quality and value.
2. The mesh can be easily formed into curved surfaces.
3. It can effectively prevent cracking in plaster or render.

1. The shape and size can be cut upon request.
2. The metal lath can be used as a carrier for applying fire protection coating to structural steelwork.
3. The mesh can be easily fixed and used at any time.
4. We provide a wide range of options to meet customer's specific requirements.
5. The strip mesh can be used along the lines of potential weakness.
6. The corner mesh can reinforce corners formed by plaster or render and can also reduce cracking in plaster or render due to shrinkage.

The metal mesh is applicable to both commercial projects and home improvements.
It can be commonly found in internal or external plastering or rendering.

Technical Details

Material: Z2 quality pre-galvanized steel, thickness 0.95mm weight 2.50kg/m2
Mesh size: 28.57mm long way x 9.5mm short way
Sheet size: 2500mm x 700mm
Use: heavyweight plasters e.g. Barium based.

Material: 304S15 grade stainless steel, thickness 460mm weight 1.15kg/m2
Mesh size: 28.57mm long way x 9.5mm short way
Sheet size: 2500mm x 700mm
Use: carrier for render surfaces (external).

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