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    1. Perforated Metal SheetsOur perforated metal sheets can be used as environmentally friendly sound barriers in highway, railway, subway and other transportation and municipal facilities.
      The metal mesh can be used as acoustic panels in generator rooms, factory premises and other noise sources.
    1. Perforated Checker Plate/ Anti-Skid PlateThe perforate metal is widely used in offices, industrial plants, production workshops, stairways, treads, stairs, machinery, interior decoration, transport facilities, public places, etc. It can reduce the inconvenience when the road is wet and slippery, so as to avoid fall accidents and protect personal safety. It really brings convenience for work, production, life and travel.
    1. Welded Mesh PanelThe mesh panel is welded using high quality Q195 low carbon steel wire, and then goes through cold or electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, PVC plastic covering and other surface treatment. With various features, this net product has been used in construction floor heating, and other fields. It has now been widely used in many areas across the world.
    1. Welded Wire Mesh FenceDescription: The welded wire mesh fence is manufactured by the welded wire mesh machine through multi-step processing. The iron wire, cold or hot-dip galvanized iron wire is welded, and then bended, plastic sprayed or PVC coated, etc. The product features corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, effective protection, and so on.
    1. Iron WireRoll the hot metal billet into a 6.5mm rod, and then put it into the drawing device to pull into
    1. Stainless Steel WireDescription: The stainless steel wire uses stainless steel as the raw material to produce wire of different sizes or gauges. The cross-section is generally circular or flat shape. The common product of good corrosion resistance and high cost performance is 304 and 316.
      Material: High-quality stainless steel SU304, 316, 317, 321, 304L, 316L, 430, etc.
    1. Fiberglass Mesh for Interior Wall InsulationProduct features: It features light weight, high strength, heat resistance, alkali resistance, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking, dimensional stability, etc.
      Main applications: It can effectively avoid the tension contraction of the whole surface of the plaster layer and the cracking caused by external forces. The thin fiberglass mesh cloth is often used in wall renovation and interior wall insulation.
    1. Fiberglass Mesh for External Wall InsulationFeatures: The product cones with stable structure, high strength, as well as good alkali-resistant, anti-corrosion, and anti-cracking properties. It achieves the best reinforcing effect, and is simple and easy to use in construction.
      Applications: The fiberglass mesh cloth is mainly applied to cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures for inside and outside surface reinforcement and crack prevention. It is a new type of building materials for external wall insulation works.
    1. Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh for GRC ProductsThe GRC products reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric uses glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, and undergoes alkali-resistant polymer emulsion processing. The product achieves high strength, and persistent resistance to alkaline substances. The fiberglass mesh fabric is an ideal reinforced material for cement concrete products, GRC wall panels, and GRC components.
    1. Hexagonal Wire MeshThe hexagonal wire mesh is used for chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits feeding and zoo fencing. It is also used for lake isolation in the fish farming or fishing tools, as well as protection against slope greening. When the mesh is made into a box-shaped container and filled with stones, it becomes a gabion box for the seawall, hillsides, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering works.
    1. Gabion Box / Reno Mattress / Stone Cage NettingEconomical: The Reno Mattress can be used only by putting stones into the cage and then sealing it.
      The construction is simple, requiring no special skills.
      It has strong resistance to natural damage and corrosion as well as bad weather.

Our company is a professional wire mesh manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including expanded metal mesh, perforated metals, welded wire mesh, and gabion mesh, among others.